A downloadable game for Windows

Find the 300 dollar jeans! Avoid the crowds! Browse the chatty! Get the girl! Except for that last part.

full source: https://github.com/thelebaron/300ShackGameJam

Made for the 2017 shacknews gamejam.

Install instructions

Extract the files to play.  

- Right click to move
- Left click to check the price(when close to clothing)
Your stress will gradually tick up, and when it reaches 100  you will sieze up!
Avoid people, it adds to your stress! 
- Opening up your phone to Shacknews will relieve the stress(but also make it hard to see whats going on).
- Tapping your phone also helps in super stressful situations

- Enter/Return restarts the level
 Escape restarts the game


300 (windows exe) 29 MB

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